Hi there. If you’re just waking up

  • Brexit won
  • The £ plummeted to a 30-year low
  • Japan has stopped trading
  • Scotland is pushing for independence
  • Ireland is considering re-unification
  • The Dutch Freedom Party are calling for their own EU referendum

Well, this took off whilst I went to sleep for a couple of hours.

An update:

  • David Cameron has resigned, a fact I’d never thought I’d be sad about
  • Donald Trump just landed in Scotland, because we haven’t suffered enough
  • Nicola Sturgeon says EU folk are “still welcome in Scotland” and “their contribution is valued”
  • She’s thrown down the gauntlet re: staying in and is petitioning the EU for membership. The result is “democratically unacceptable”
  • “I intend to take all possible steps to give effect to how Scotland voted. In other words, to secure our place in the EU”
  • Statement officially made that second independence referendum “highly likely”
  • The financial markets are a shitshow
  • Vote Leave have ALREADY backtracked on their two defining campaign promises (more money for the NHS, less immigration)
  • A motion of No Confidence has been leveled at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who honestly lasted longer than I thought he would
  • The UK have lost £350 billion so far
  • Spain could re-take Gibraltar if they wanted to make a move
  • Morgan Stanley have started the process to move 2,000 investment banking staff from London to Dublin/Frankfurt
  • EU leaders are calling on the UK to get out ASAP
  • The New York stock exchange is down 500 points
  • From the amount wiped off shares, so far, divided by 32m voters… the cost is already at £6,000 per voter
  • Donald Trump has come out in support of the decision to leave, which is how you know we messed up real bad
  • Everything is fucked
  • I’m so sorry

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