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As I sometimes do, I’m doing another experiment in creating consistent content for patrons — this time, I’m creating a brief weekly zine through Patreon called The Minor Hours and Small Thoughts Magazine, in the style of the strange and random early Regency and Victorian publications previously mentioned on the blog. Mine will be filled with commonplaces, small pieces of fiction and creative nonfiction, interesting art, and specious advice.

More importantly for this day and age, this zine won’t dwell on the latest news or dire issues — there are other, better resources for that. Publishing and writing updates or thoughts are going to remain here, along with longer pieces, and my irregular (free) newsletter for publishing updates is always available for signup. But the miscellany of life is what I’d like to record, both my own and others’, and I think that has value all by itself.

The first issue is up and free here for anyone who’d like to see vaguely what I’m offering — $1 a month gets you a weekly zine of varying length and questionable wit, and $2 gets you both the subscription and an original, subscriber-only flash story per month. Depending on interest, goals and tiers may be added, but for now I’m going to stick with something simple, fun, and, hopefully, a respite from the rest of the world.

ETA 8/27/20: As I said on my twitter, fuck it, the whole thing’s free now. Tiers are still available if you’d like to get monthly fiction from me, or if you’d like to get the Minor Hours Magazine directly in your inbox, but otherwise, enjoy.

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New short story: “They’re Made Out of Corn”

In the middle of everything, it’s strange to give good news, but: I have a new short story out, the first since before some Big Life Shit that went down a few years ago. Enjoy “They’re Made Out of Corn“, out today from Daily Science Fiction, a continuation/pastiche of Terry Bisson‘s “They’re Made Out of Meat.”

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Hi there. If you’re just waking up

  • Brexit won
  • The £ plummeted to a 30-year low
  • Japan has stopped trading
  • Scotland is pushing for independence
  • Ireland is considering re-unification
  • The Dutch Freedom Party are calling for their own EU referendum

Well, this took off whilst I went to sleep for a couple of hours.

An update:

  • David Cameron has resigned, a fact I’d never thought I’d be sad about
  • Donald Trump just landed in Scotland, because we haven’t suffered enough
  • Nicola Sturgeon says EU folk are “still welcome in Scotland” and “their contribution is valued”
  • She’s thrown down the gauntlet re: staying in and is petitioning the EU for membership. The result is “democratically unacceptable”
  • “I intend to take all possible steps to give effect to how Scotland voted. In other words, to secure our place in the EU”
  • Statement officially made that second independence referendum “highly likely”
  • The financial markets are a shitshow
  • Vote Leave have ALREADY backtracked on their two defining campaign promises (more money for the NHS, less immigration)
  • A motion of No Confidence has been leveled at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who honestly lasted longer than I thought he would
  • The UK have lost £350 billion so far
  • Spain could re-take Gibraltar if they wanted to make a move
  • Morgan Stanley have started the process to move 2,000 investment banking staff from London to Dublin/Frankfurt
  • EU leaders are calling on the UK to get out ASAP
  • The New York stock exchange is down 500 points
  • From the amount wiped off shares, so far, divided by 32m voters… the cost is already at £6,000 per voter
  • Donald Trump has come out in support of the decision to leave, which is how you know we messed up real bad
  • Everything is fucked
  • I’m so sorry