i first read hamlet when i was seventeen and kind of took the whole “they’re all in their early twenties, they’re college students, the ‘33 years old’ thing is just a weird forgettable detail” deal on faith

but now that i have been a college student for a year and a half i can indeed say with total honesty that “accidentally run into your bff’s dad’s ghost, freak out and yell at each other for like half an hour, devolve into a discussion of politics, get totally surprised by the dad again and decide to go fuck it and make somebody else deal with the problem”

is a completely accurate description of the college experience

#‘HORATIO THAT’S A GHOST YOU’RE A SCHOLAR DEAL WITH IT’   #’I’M GONNA SPOUT SOME PRETENTIOUS BULLSHIT AT THE GHOST’   #’HORATIO HOW IS THIS GONNA SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM’   #’BRO I’M A SCHOLAR THIS IS HOW I SOLVE LITERALLY ALL OF MY PROBLEMS!!!!!’   #not pictured: after swearing on hamlet’s sword everyone goes to the local ihop and stays there until 4 am staring at the syrups (x)

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