thinking about writing


or, hey, look what I found when I went digging through my junk. here are some things that other people have said about writing that I thought were neat and/or have been useful to me in the past. all formative for me, though I bet I’d come up with a slightly different list now. but anyway:

The Turkey City Lexicon

Squid in the Mouth The failure of an author to realize that his/her own weird assumptions and personal in-jokes are simply not shared by the world-at-large. Instead of applauding the wit or insight of the author’s remarks, the world-at-large will stare in vague shock and alarm at such a writer, as if he or she had a live squid in the mouth.

The Evil Overlord’s Plot Generator

The important things are always simple. The enemy never takes notice until you make a mistake. Never tell the Platoon Sergeant you have nothing to do. The enemy invariably attacks on two occasions: (a.) When you’re ready for them; (b.) When you’re not ready for them.

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