listen if you all aren’t following the legal proceedings in the genre romance book community rn re: some asshat trademarking the word “cocky” and suing other authors over describing their male characters as such in their cover copy, you are MISSING OUT ON SOME MSSCRIBE LEVEL SHIT

bc i kid you not, the us patent and trademark office is now fielding a lawsuit petition that involves the phrase “’A Cocky Werewolf: A Gay M/M Mpreg Werewolf Shifter Romance’ by Wolfgang Glasscock”

and honestly i could not have asked for more out of 2018

you can read the whole filing here and it is ::100 emoji::

and it is also an important fair-use legal case that affects all writers, so. that, too. but also, “my house servant is cocky and naughty with secrets” is a phrase that lawyers are arguing about.

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