Excellent history fact to remember;

Niccolo Machiavelli and Leonardo Da Vinci, most likely at the behest of the Borgias, once conspired to steal a river.

That’s right folks. They planned to change the course of the Arno River so that they could steal it from Pisa and make Florence accessible by sea. 

Please take a moment to imagine that.


‘So we just divert the -’

‘Don’t worry they won’t notice a thing’

100% better than National Treasure.

This should be a wacky bromance heist film. We need more wacky historical heist films.

It gets better. I just had to go check on the veracity of this and discovered MORE.

Their plan failed, at which point Machiavelli decided to quietly fade out of politics…and went on to write The Prince, one of the most (in)famous pieces of Western literature.

Da Vinci, meanwhile, never forgot the river that got away. In fact, he made it the background of one of his most famous paintings–hell, one of the most famous paintings, period.


Yup, that’s the fucking river.

Some shit is just too good not to reblog.

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