not to make one of those ‘uwu imagine disabled mermaids’ kind of posts, but pls consider a Humans Are Baffling Space Orcs scenario where autistic people are highly sought after because they can actually EXPLAIN what the other humans are up to in ways that aren’t an opaque, frustrating ‘that’s normal for us!’ they’re used to studying and codifying the abstruse and irrational nuances of human social systems in order to reproduce those behaviors effectively, and there’s a lot more of them than the much more expensive professionally educated humanthropologists. 

captain: human liaison phil, when humans attempt to distress one another intentionally with coded gestures and remarks, is that actually important? should we be doing that?

phil: it’s just social status bullshit. don’t indulge it.

captain: gotcha. human brent said it was vital to his mental health to be allowed to ‘joke around’ in such a matter with his subordinates. he seemed serious.

phil: human brent is a dick. 

captain: ….ah. 

we do it on earth, i see no reason we wouldn’t continue to do it in space 😀

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