Dear necromancers, why would you bother summoning human corpses when dinosaurs are an option

Option 1: Money. It’s easier to convince human ghosts to tell you about secret treasure they left behind than to ask Dinosaurs about what oil field they become part of.

Option 2: Laziness: It’s easier to break into a graveyard with a shovel than into a natural history museum.

Option 3: Quantity has a quality all its own: A t-rex weighed in at about eight tons. A human corpse weighs in at about 160, 170 pounds. You can get 100 zombies to the T-rex.

Option 4: Do the corpses you’re raising have the brains they had in life? A zombie army that’s an actual army with weapons and maybe a haunted tank or two raises  the worth per zombie by a good bit.

Option 5: Maybe it’s not either or; you might need the human zombies to get to the T-rex.

I love you so much.

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