What no one mentions is that Eve was a storyteller—storymaker.
they said that God made woman naturally curious—
they don’t mention that Eve discovered her thighs
before adam could discover his hands—doesn’t that tell you something?
When Adam discovered his thighs, Eve discovered what was
between hers.
Adam discovered his manhood while Eve discovered magic.
Adam wandered the gardens looking for god—
Eve wondered about god—Eve played with god.
She discovered disgust, she discovered wanting,
taking, hoarding, stealing, loving.
This is Eve in her hidden glory—
The Eve who you have never heard of—
This is the Eve who didn’t need a snake to eat the apple—
This is the Eve who cried. “there was no snake, it was all me.”
when the men started writing their own versions.
This is the Eve who didn’t care if Adam ate it or not.
This is the Eve who longed for something more than Adam.
Imagine people knew that Eve did not fall prey to sin.
Imagine people knew that she was the predator.
Imagine we found out that Eve knew what she was doing.
Imagine how dangerous that would be.

Salma Deera, Eve Knew What She Was Doing (via writingwillows)

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