Upcoming appearance: Apex Magazine’s “Happy Hour” livestream

So remember “DEMON FIGHTER SUCKS,” my fantasy-horror short story set during a livestream?

In celebration of the Apex Magazine 2021 limited edition anthology — coming out December 20th with all new afterwards for each story — come listen to chief editors Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner talk to me and my fellow authors Carson Winter (“In Haskins”) and Lavanya Lakshminarayan (“Samsāra in a Teacup”).

We’ll be talking about writing, publishing, our anthology stories, and who knows what else during Apex’s regular Happy Hour livestream event on Tuesday, December 13th, at 8 PM EST. We’ll also be fielding questions that viewers leave in the livestream chat, so I definitely do not encourage you to ask about what is or isn’t a good idea to summon using public-domain magic during the course of, say, a livestream. NO ENCOURAGEMENT TO BE FOUND HERE.

So once more with feeling:

What: Happy Hour livestream event: Apex Magazine 2021
When: Tuesday, December 13th, 8 PM EST
Where: Apex Magazine‘s YouTube