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The Minor Hours and Small Thoughts Magazine on Patreon:

  • a weekly magazine of miscellany and commonplaces by yours truly
  • only $1 a month for a subscription
  • go to the next tier, at $2, and get a subscriber-only original flash story by me every month
  • first issue of the magazine is up and free to read

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No Story Is Sacred podcast:

  • my siblings and I talk about and take apart stories
  • movies, books, whatever
  • we also will talk about our own fiction, if you want to get a taste of things of mine in the works
  • submit something! we want submissions!
  • so much swearing

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Kitty Austen on Amazon:

  • erotica/romantica/pr0n
  • poorly concealed fanfiction

Historically Inaccurate on Redbubble:

  • straight up merch
  • art and photos and idk stuff
  • I am an ~artist

Katherine Crighton from all fine book-selling establishments:

  • I’m a real writer too!
  • SF/fantasy/horror/romance pick your poison
  • a bunch of this stuff is free and online
  • but some of it you can purchase
  • be a bamf
  • support the arts