sometimes i’m really confused ppl instantly know what you’re talking about when it comes to “ANYWAY so about humans being the scary aliens”

it’s a meme in ways bc we all Know The Thing but it doesn’t follow a set structure, you’re not obligated to stick to any rules. You don’t even have to write about humans being scary aliens, you can just go “ok but what if it’s not human, just earth’s wildlife” instead if you want! and everybody knows exactly what verse you’re writing an au to

just, there’s no real source text, and people keep writing about the thing. It’s not a fandom, it’s more like… an open source novel that nobody actually ever wrote and that somehow we all have absolutely read anyway.

I love it, and it’s beautiful that this is of all things happened to bethe concept that tumblr decided on.

I’m also ready for the sequel: why the horrendous deep sea creatures living in the mariana trench should be your new favourite pet.

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