“Coniferous University students may now enroll in Prof. Darling’s summer courses. Note: Classes on time travel may exceed scope of semester.

Chromatics 411: Abandoning the Photon
Discussing how to survive noncanon colors and poisonous hues. Warning: Includes exposure to neon grey.

Extradimensional Biology 1113: Speciation
How to age and identify beasts of other universes by the whispering shadows they cast on reality.

Time Travel 2833: Causality?
Masters-level class. You now have a failing grade. Completion requires changing it using a single trip to 1943.

Historical Engineering 3610: eUsurpation
Doctorate-level class. Completion requires deposing a reigning monarchy using only online apps.

Time Travel 3942: Eschatology
Doctorate-level discussion on the future of time travel in the approaching post-prophesy world. Pass/fail.”

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