I’m not sure the millennial generation has the patience to watch twelve, thirteen episodes of an hour-long show—even a half-hour show.

Ynon Kreiz, the president of Maker Studios (The New Yorker)

I am really incredibly sorry for the dumb shit adults say, kids.

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not only can we do it but we’ll do it in one 24 hour period

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Here’s the thing I find really funny (and by funny I mean pathetic) about this assumption that younger, digital-savvy generations today have no attention span. The thing is, yes, we will tune into a thing for five minutes and then flip away to another channel. We will turn to our phones for entertainment during commercial breaks and if we’re not interested in what we’re looking at we’ll go look at something else. This might be interpreted as a short attention span.

The thing is, what we have right now is what a lot of us and the generations before us didn’t have: a metric fuck-ton of choices. Sure, there’s a growing market for short, self-contained forms of entertainment: short stories and webisodes and other types of serialized fiction that you can consume in small doses, while you’re on your lunch break or taking your morning train. And that’s great. I love that stuff. Again, it gives you another choice, tailor-made with modern life in mind (but not exactly new, either; plenty of popular fiction used to be serialized in magazines and newspapers).

But if creators and network executives are looking at their audience and deciding that the audience isn’t paying attention to what they’re producing because “these kids today and their attention spans,” I’ve got a news flash for them: you’re not losing their attention because they’re not capable of giving it to you. You’re losing their attention because what you’re producing isn’t good enough and they’ve got better more interesting things to do with their time. They’ve got options. You want to capture their attention? Step up your fucking game and produce something that isn’t fucking garbage.

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